Friday, November 23, 2012

Post Pregnancy Update

I thought it would be fun to write a post pregnancy update similar to my pregnancy update you go!

How Far Along? After carrying him for about 42 weeks, Robert Oscar finally made his appearance on November 12.  As of today, he’s 11 days old.

Size of Baby?  He was 7 lbs, 8 oz when he was born, and 7 lbs, 1 oz 3 days later at his first doctor’s appointment.  He was 20.5 inches long…per the doc he’s approximately 65% in height and 35% in weight (those are rough estimates, we didn’t write down percentiles and we’re running on parental sleep deprived brains right now)…so he’s tall and skinny, just like his parents (HA!).         

Maternity Clothes?  I CAN FIT INTO MY OLD T-SHIRTS!!  YAAAAY!  Granted, I still am wearing some big shirts (the boobs are huge) and one pair of my maternity jeans (the dark pair are too big and kind of sag), and my pre-pregnancy jeans obviously don’t exactly button just yet, but we are working towards that goal.  The Belly Band and rubber bands are coming in handy once again to help keep my pants on!  J 

Weight Gain (LOSS!)?   I gained just over 20 lbs with him…and as of this morning I had lost about 17 lbs.  Unfortunately I know that I lost muscle too, so while my weight is back down, my belly is still on the larger side and my boobs are gargantuan.  It will take a while to get back to pre-preggo shape, but I’m gonna do it!

Gender?  Boy!  Robert Oscar (Thank goodness this was correct or else we would have been screwed with all the boy stuff we have!)

Sleep?  What is this sleep you speak of??  Actually, he’s been pretty good…we just wake up regularly at night for feedings (usually 2 or 3 a night, depending on when we go to bed and when we get up).  And I’ve been trying to take naps too…naps are easier with a sleeping baby laying on you J.          

Food Cravings?  EVERYTHING!  I can have food without wanting to gag and having heartburn!!  Hooray!  I had a pint of ice cream when we got home from the hospital and it was delicious.  However, I think little Rob-O’s gut doesn’t handle it very well, because he kind of smelled like sulfur the next day.  I will probably be avoiding dairy and gluten at least for the first month or so (with an occasional treat here and there).  I feel a lot hungrier NOW than I did when I was pregnant.  Weird.

What I Miss?  NOTHING! J  I can eat without heartburn, I can bend over, I can stoop to my knees, I can curl up in a ball while sleeping, I can sleep on my back, belly, sides…I can roll over comfortably and easily!  THIS IS AWESOME!  I can’t wait to get back in the gym and start lifting weights! 

Symptoms?  Sleepiness and sore boobs of a nursing new mom

Belly Button?  It’s back in (mostly)!

Best Moment of the Week?  There are too many to count!  BJ and I could just look at him all day long in amazement.  He is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to us…his expressions crack us up constantly.  Apparently he kind of looks like me when I was a baby, but I think his expressions and demeanor are more like BJ.  I can’t believe we’ve been blessed with someone so amazing. 
This is my "Ohmigosh I can't believe I just had a BABY!" face

Rob & Dad, hanging out, watching some football


  1. I love your "Ohmigosh I can't believe I just had a BABY!" face! So cute. I'm so happy for yall!

  2. I love this post! What a fun idea to do the Q&A!! I think I may copy when I finally get around to posting about week 1 (ha, its been in the works for a couple months now!). Hope you, Rob, and family are doing great!!